Birthday Girl :')

assalamualaikum . October 26 is my birthday ! yeahhh . i've a great day ever in my life . on the actual date , i got a lot of presents from my friends , cousins and even my siblings . haha . so sweet of you :* you know what , i got 247 wishes in this year . yaaa ! i am very happy :'D thanks for the wishes guys :D on October 25 , around 11.58pm , i was in my room and my parents were in their room as usual . suddenly , they text me "Happy Birthday Mawar . hoping you'll get straight A's in PMR 2012 ! have a blast on your day ! :D"  wowww ! terharu seyhh ! :'( then , i got  a wished from him and the rest of my friends . haha . quite happyyyy ! i slept around 2.00am . haha . esoknyaa , my mom brought me 2 giant cake on my birthday . i was extremely shocked with da surprised ! and , theyy treat me PizzaHut . yeahh ! it's better then having a dishes at kedai mamak . lol . btw , while sending my sis to semashur . i sambut my birthday again w k sores , k ayu , k aira , a farid , a ball , a al , juju and nad . sambut at tepi padang rugby . haha . strategic place xD fyi , my face was having a facial treatment using a cake :'( what a pembaziran weihh . astaghfirullahalazim ~ abang farid gave me a Purple Adidas Purse . hahah :') thanks abang . those are the memories ~ :') 
 i do love them muchh ! thanks for everythinggggg dudeeeeee :* 


Amirah said...

Mawar!! Sori gile!! Sejak hari Isnin nak cakap nie:


Sori sangat2 lupa nak cakap!! Jadi Mawar dah ada 248 wishes!!

Nurul Aisyah said... lah..
sorry juga lupa.

sy dah lama cari blog kau mawar..rupanya..akhirnya jumpa gak.

Happy Birthday!! :D
PMR 8A!!