Happiness OR Nightmaree :O

assalamualaikum . holla everybodyyyy ! :D 
based on the picture above we can conclude that it was a picture of joy right ? so, the picture below was a picture that shows the sadness of a person :/
this is what im thinkingg off ! urghhh . i felt like im dying thinking about this sorts of thing . *madness* i felt doubt :'/ much much muchhhhh ! :'( i dont know whyy . im asking for forgiveness from Him , who knows everything about me including what im feeling right now  . i was just scared that this things will affecting my dreams but i dont know how to stop it ! i admit , that i really want this for a long time ago . and , readers , you should know that i cant stop thinking about THIS thing . i want this but i know it was a big mistake for doing this crazy actionn .*telekup muka dengan bantal* . i do love this thing very very very much . but , i know this is not the best way that i can do . i've made an elephant mistake . *jokes*  means , i've made a GIGANTIC mistake :'( ohhh mom ! help your daughter please ~ i dont know how to solve this problem . 
i just wanna be like this little girl with that blooming reddish rose , who was happy all the time , as her beautiful name given by her adored parents :'( by the way , i think that i need to have a rest now . sorry for making this entry "hambar" ~  guys , pray for me . i need my dreams come true :') so now , i wanna have a very tight sleep and searching for peace-ness . so then , assalamualaikum and im asking for an apology for things that i've done . byee :')

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