Trouble is a friend :') sedate !

assalamualaikum . its been a long time tak update blog ni . haha . holiday right ? i had a very awesome holiday for this year . i know , ramai je yang tak pergi holiday with family cause of certain reason right ? maybe , parents busy , takde masa , kerja kahwin and ape ape je lah kan . and , sorry , if buat korang terasa with my words :) okayy . even happy pun . there must be sadness right ? everyone should know about this . 
Allah telah berfirman dalam al-Quran bahawa dalam setiap kegembiraan , pasti ada kesedihan . manakala , bagi setiap kesedihan , Allah janjikan kegembiraan . In shaa Allah :') 
so , kita sebagai hamba-Nya , kena bersyukur with what we have . jangan asyik nak merungut if things goes wrong . okayy ? be tough everybody ! :D okayy .
My main purpose of making this post is to warn anonymous servant of God . pleaseee !  avoid yourself from being envy to others . stop condemnation . stop disapprobation . stop imprecation . stop everything ! no one loves to be condemned ! even , ME . i also hate being condemned . its hurt ! please understand people's feeling . 
humans are often guilty of the offense . so , do forgive people mistakes WITHOUT condemning them .  really hope to see some changes in the future . all people are entitled to joy even for awhile . so , thats all . berharap agar semua yang membaca akan mendapat hidayah . In shaa Allah :')

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