when you're SADDD !

asalamualaikum :')
hey , I can feel that it was all about me and him . I know I have talk to you that I will leave him for you because I feel that he is ignoring me . In fact , to talk to you is a scary thing , but I still want to talk to you to solve all the problems between me and you . This all for our good as well . Clearly , after I met you that night , we became very close , dare greeted each other and many other good things we get :) okay , before I left semashur , I said that I wanted to release him for you . But , I felt that he wanted me right back :( I admit , that it was a happy things for me :'(  I do not know why . I am very sorry :( Pardon me if because of me , he is not treating you as before , he utilize his time more to me , he does things that can make you sad . I am very sorry . I do not intend to betray you , but if you feel me so , I can't do anything . I can only apologize . That's all I can do >_<  To meet with you it may be difficult at the moment . But , I'll try my best to meet with you to give an explanation that is easier for you to understand . I know you are depressed by the problems you faced now , coupled with my highly offensive you . Once again , I'm sorry . 
By the way , if you need me , I'm ready for it . Fyi , I admit this , seriously , I'm happy if he is on my side but I feel awkward if this kind of thing happens . But , I do not know what to do and I know he was in a confused now . Actually , he used to have this kind of situation . I think he is already immune to such problems . For him , I'm sorry for treating you like this . I am not deliberately to do so . What can I say , saya sayang awakk :*  And , for the entry I made this for , I apologize , sincerely . So , I hope you can forgive me and we will become good friends as before :D

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